Air Canada Airbus A319 Retro Livery

This is one of Air Canada’s retro liverys. It was made in 1997 to commemorate their 60th anniversary. It is absolutely majestic in every way & would look great in IF😍 I don’t think it is possible to not like this livery.

Photo is from Wikipedia.

I like it. Also, vote for your own feature request.

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Kind of a duplicate…

Kind of… or is? ;)

But it is a bit of an old one, and it isn’t too good quality. Let the mods decide :)

This has already got two votes in 6 hours in comparison to 0 in 9 months as well

Because the other one didn’t have a good picture and maybe was posted at a time where less people were active. Let’s not get off-topic, and let the mods decide if it is a duplicate or not.

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Retro liveries could have their own category, this would be so cool.

That is ooooold but pretty

Beautiful! So so beautiful!