Air Canada A350-900 and South African A350-900!

Hello, IFC,
Here is my best edit (in my opinion)!

The Air Canada A350-941!

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 18.41.29
(Infinite Flight Scenery)

  • Air Canada
  • South African

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Thank You!

I’m looking for good free editing softwares, do you know any?


You should make one with the new livery. The blue doesn’t look bad though. It’s too bad AC didn’t order the A350, but the 787 suits them better anyway


Ok, Thank You!

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Lightroom is used my tons of ppl including me. Polarr is another good one that I know of.

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I used to have Lightroom but it is too expensive. Is polarr free?

I believe it’s like $100 cheaper a year then LR

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That looks so realistic I had to check the app just in case the livery was there!


That looks so good! The ACA livery suits the A350 so well :)

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I think it’s doesn’t look good in that livery personal preference from seeing this livery on other aircraft in real life 😀

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In honesty, I kind of like the toothpaste livery of the A350, still the new livery would be cool. But I kind think the 787 and A220 suits the new livery well. This is in my opinion, so don’t come raiding my house.

Here’s a little example of an new Air Canada Livery A350


The raccoon mask matches the new AC livery on the A350 well considering that that is a standard part of the new livery.

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