Air Canada A340-500 Old Livery

The A340-500:

The Airbus A340-500 is an Ultra long range wide body jet airliner. It can carry a crew of to and up to 375 passengers at a max speed of 494 knots, a service ceiling of 41,450 feet and has a range of 9,017 NM. It is 222 feet long, 56 feet high and has a wing-span of 208 feet.

Air Canada

Air Canada is a… well… Canadian Airline :) founded in 1937. It has a fleet of 181 and serves 222 destinations (wait… how does that work???). It is based in Calgary and it’s slogan is Fly the Flag. It has 30,000+ employees and 5 subsidiaries.

The aircraft I’m requesting is the first one :)

Credit: Michael Ivanin.

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That’s not their new livery, it’s an old one. It was the main livery before the “toothpaste” livery. ;)
I will say it looks great though, and it does indeed (imo) look like the new one. :)


Thanks, fixed it!

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Imagine this Beauty Cruising in IF!


I can definitely see why you want this, although I would (imo) much, much prefer the new AC livery for the A330. Again, nice Request though, it would be cool to have it in-game, just not my priority on my list of wants/needs for IF.



That is a toothpaste livery A340-300!

Did you photoshop that or is it a picture?

I do not have votes, but you have my support.

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