Air Canada A321 Vancouver to Los Angeles

Casual server
Call sign: Canada126
FT: 3h

^ Another early morning departure, we’re lining up on rwy 08R.

^ Canada126 Rotating out of Richmond via rwy 26L Vancouver Intl Airport.

^ We’re maintaining at FL182 as the sun has fully arise.

^ Banking left on our arrival track, and this is my first moonshot ever!

^ Slats engaged, we’re starting our initial descent above the beautiful city of San Francisco.

^ Perfectly aligned and stabilized, we’re on short final for rwy 06R at KLAX.

^ Nice and firm touchdown at a rate of -211fpm… Welcome to Los Angeles!

That’s all i’ve got for today, thanks for your time to checking out! Some feedback would be much appreciated :)


Nice photos!

Here it is :)

  • Try to zoom in a bit more and position the aircraft right in front (or very close to) the moon.

  • A fairly tighter crop on picture no. 5 would make it even better.

Keep up the great work!

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