Air Canada A320 - Toronto Raptors Livery

We need some more sports/special liveries :) Go Raptors!



Nice livery, but to be a little off topic, the Raptors aren’t making it to the finals. 😂


This Livery Came Out When Air Canada Got There first A320. its long gone off the plane

I really like it, but it seems to be like kind of old, those air canada still use the livery?

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Who cares if they aren’t going to make it, they are still really cool! :)


I love this livery! :)

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Let’s go raptors . That’s one of my favorite teams and aircraft. It combines one of the best NBA teams with my passion of aviation. Also my country Canada

I’m making this topic alive again after Kawhi helped the raps make history! #WeTheNorth!


They did but losing to dubs

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This is 3 years old mate. That was 2016…

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This is hot
Out of votes
Also if they can put the new logo on it wld be 🔥

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Or so you think haha

Nice! I’m Canadian so… I like it!


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I actually really like the og logo

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Well @Damian the Raps are in the finals so it would be nice to have this livery.FYI the Raptors will win

Lol who remebers when the raps were trash

How long ago was that?

Anyways lets get back on-topic guys.This isn't NBA Game time nor ESPN Sports review
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Nice livery wld luv to see it in IF
Think it would be rlly cool whatever road games the raps are playing to “fly them in”

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