Air Canada A220-300 TCA Livery

First features post! The livery would be a great addition to the line-up when the A220 releases, and looks absolutely stunning. I will add more details later!

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This topic: Air Canada Releases Retro Livery On The A220

Pictures of new Livery: Get Posted

People Making a Feature Request for said Livery:



I will definitely vote once we get some more photos of it in action!

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I already posted this in the A220 feature request, but here is another angle:


It’s truly one of the best retro livery !!!
I’m out of vote :(


That livery is stunning!! Unfortunately I don’t have votes atm

I would vote but currently we have no further news on the A220 so I would rather vote for things that are already in game.

We can only get this to the top

with the reveal of A220 WIP now we can get this on top topics and votes, cmon guys

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Hopefully we can see this beautiful livery soon!

Only A220 I would (kinda reluctantly) fly


Yul airport?

So good looking

So you see….
You have nice tread
Having a nice day
My day is very good
Vote is important

Now read for the top

@AviationZyYT 🇨🇦

Trans Canada Air Lines 😍. My favorite retro livery


Going to give this thread a bump how that the A220-300 is confirmed

This livery is one of the best retro liveries I have yet to see, it would be amazing if we could see it in the infinite flight skies! Definitely deserves to have a place in infinite flight! You have a vote from me!

I’m sure Jason would agree with this statement 😉

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You got my vote

IF better add this to make me… less disappointed

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This special livery isn’t just a wish, it’s a need at this point. This is 🔥🔥🔥