Air Canada 791 - Signature Class - YYZ to LAX - Flight Review - B787-9


Hello, it’s jetPro here with a report of a recent flight I took. AC791 nonstop service from CYYZ to KLAX in Air Canada’s “Signature Class” (Business Class) Scheduled to take off at 8:00EST and landing at 10:26PST. If I’ve made a mistake or should’ve contacted staff before posting, feel free to PM me. I tried to do my best research on what to expect.

Departure Airport

First, I’ll start off with the departure airport, YYZ. Checking in was fast, as signature class passengers have access to the priority line, however, due to as YYZ being Air Canada’s main hub and the holiday season, the airport was full at 6 am in the morning. Security was an interesting one. We, again, went through the priority line, however, my mother was selected for additional screening. This ultimately wasted a lot of time spent searching through bags, etc; an example of “Security Theatre.” Toronto Pearson International Airport has US customs, which were, again packed. Moving on to the lounge, the Maple Leaf Lounge offered drinks, breakfast, the usual, but I was saving my appetite for the meal on board.

The Flight

The particular aircraft we flew on was the 787-9. I had made sure that my family had gotten on to one of these flights, as only two of the many flights per day are operated with this aircraft. The crew was friendly, I had no issues with them. The meal was pretty standard, with a choice of either a parsley omelette, chicken sausage, cran-apple compote, or Pancakes, maple butter, chicken sausage, cran-apple compote, and of course, a healthy option. All served with fruit and yoghurt. I went with the pancakes, as I have had it before. Of course, it met my expectations, the pancakes were cooked to perfection and were a good start to the day. The seat, being on a 789, lie-flat. I took advantage of that and got a few z’s in.



Arrival Airport

We were initially supposed to be there at 10:30, but due to delays, we de-planed 30 minutes later. We made a go-around after another landing aircraft couldn’t vacate the runway in time.



Overall Ratings
All scores out of 5
Departure Airport

  • Waiting Experience (Queuing times, delays) 4/5
  • Retail Experience (Shop and food quality) 5/5
  • Boarding Experience 5/5


  • Aircraft 5/5
  • Crew/Customer Service 5/5 (I mean, drink service every 10 minutes??? Sign me up!)
  • Catering 4/5 (They went overboard on the maple syrup, haha.)
  • IFE 4.5/5 not a lot of options, but they’re all very good.
  • Seat Comfort & Equipment 5/5
  • Overall Flight Score 18.5/20

Arrival Airport

  • Waiting Time (Security & Baggage Collection) 5/5

And, the grand total is…

42.5/45, an A!

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I like how this is all laid out. It’s very nice and appealing to the reader in my opinion. 👍 also I like when you included the Go-Around and the actual landing too.


Thank you, it was certainly a blast experiencing that go-around… everything in the cabin fell down haha!

Also added an image :D


Woah, cool go-around! Pretty late as well.
It is scary how smoky it is there, the atmosphere seems surreal!

Foggy day in LA, yeah, the captain went on the PA and explained the whole deal…

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