Air Canada 787 Logo spacing

I Just noticed this problem several hours ago when I’m trying to find Air Canada’s Pictures. From what I’ve found, The one IRL Have more spacing

While the one in IF have their logo is less spacing (Credits to @Q-ENAN )

Hope this issue can be fixed soon in the next update. I don’t mean to be not grateful for this B787. I’m grateful for the mods who give us B787 liveries. Thanks



Just spotted the spacing prob, shall this topic gets close or nah (?)

Pls don’t tell me that my eyes are in a problem

Well, it seems there’s just about 1 window width between each letter in real life and in Infinite Flight as well. Notice that the windows in IF are also closer together. This isn’t an actual bug. It’s perfectly normal. Try to compare it to a photo that can properly represent what you’re looking at, like @Q-ENAN showed. The one you compared it to makes it very hard to even attempt a comparison

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Correct me if I’m wrong, But I think the mapple leaf isn’t as forward as the one IRL

Idk why I’m having some issues lately :P

This does seem to be evident. This is pretty minor, I don’t know how minor you would consider this though

Ehehehe, It is. Though I don’t hope this can be a priority for devs due to it’s “minor” problem