Air Canada 787-8 (New Livery)

Vote, vote and vote!

On other news, seems like Air Canada 789 is getting painted in New Iberia, so KGUS is not the only paint shop being used.

Can’t wait for a 777 to sport the new livery.

All triple-seven fleet will be painted in 18 months!


An E175 is being painted, the first AC Express plane painted in the new livery.

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I absolutely love this livery now. It’s so sleek and smart.


WHAT! Tell me all the details. Reg. is essential.

Love it! Retro look is way better than the baby blue/ grey they have been using

I also keep getting more and more used to this new livery

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Great! More the reason to vote :-)

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C-FRQN is the registration

Unfortunately, Air Canada still only has 1 of it’s 8 788’s painted in the new livery. Although Air Canada now has two 787’s flying in service with the new livery.

If you asked me about 3 months ago I’d have told you I hated it, but now I really love it ❤️

Should definitely be added soon ;)

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Same here, This livery is growing on me ❤

Here is the link to the 787-9 Variant. I love both aircrafts in this beautiful livery


The same about me, it’s grown on me. Air Canada knows what it’s doing.

Let’s see if we can get those 70 likes this post used to have into votes.


I think this livery is Amazing! :heart_eyes: Voted for sure!! This amazing livery needs a little more attention.


Just going to bump this back up, this livery needs a spot in IF with the lack of American and Canadian liveries on the 787-8.

In my opinion I actually prefer the new Air Canada Livery instead of the old one. but either both are still great. If and maybe FDS add this soon is up to them. But I feel like it is coming soon.

they have one with the 300er. IDK registration. My friend airside_eric caught it at LAX.

They have at least 5 now in the new livery.

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