Air Canada 77W (New Livery)

Introducing Air Canada’s first 777-300ER in the new livery!

Picture credit to Jetphotos | David Brook

The 77W wearing it’s new colours is C-FITL.
C-FITL is a Boeing 777-300ER and is 10.9 years old, her first flight being in March 21, 2007 and being delivered to Air Canada that same month.


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Very Very nice, im really taking to the new AC livery

I forgot, thanks @Balloonchaser


It’s so beautiful! I’m so happy that they finally painted the 777, it wears the livery better then any other AC aircraft.

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This is so amazing! Looks a lot like the 350.

@tranquil_skyflyer @tranquil_skyflyer @tranquil_skyflyer

Absolutely stunning. The 777 never looked this good.

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Looks stunning. Probably the best 777 livery out there.

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You know what, the AC livery on this plane actually doesn’t look too bad

Personally, i prefer the older livery because it had a tail that symbolized Canada due to the icy texture.

Wow, looks absolutely amazing espically with the “bandit mask” which makes it look like a A350. Many people favor the old livery with the frosty colors but this livery just looks way more classier and modern.

I never realized how old AC’s 777 air frames are. Never expected 10.9. Time flies.

I just don’t like the livery… it’s a step back from the current light blue one IMO.

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