Air Canada 77L - Ferry Flight

Hey IFC! With the IFATC in Canada today, I flew in to Vancouver with WestJet after a short hop from Spokane, WA. On approach I thought it would be cool to get a departure out of Vancouver, so I decided it fly the 77L as a ferry flight down to Boeing Field. I got departure and landing so let me know which picture is better!
So anyways here’s the flight info:

Server: Expert
Route: Vancouver (CYVR) to Boeing Field (KBFI)
Airline/Aircraft: Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR
Flight Time: 44 minutes

Vancouver Departure

Arrival into Boeing Field and Mt. Rainier

Which picture was better?

  • Picture #1
  • Picture #2

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Literally don’t know what to say… these are too good!

Thanks! Took a while to pick the best ones 😂

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This is almost real!! 😍😍

Fantastic pictures! Mr. Rainer looks absolutely stunning with the sunset and Vancouver isn’t too bad either. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

Incredible Pics!! The sunrise/sunset on Mt. Rainer looks breathtaking and really makes me want to visit those crazy views in person :)

@Mafiaviation thanks!

@JulianB thanks! And it’s sunrise (yeah I know it makes 0 sense for noon and then sunrise lol)

@FireCracker thanks! I’ve never been to the PNW so I didn’t know what it looks like in person 😂


Thats what I love about Infinite Flight. You can see the landscape of anywhere in the world anytime from your own home! xD

Except for north and south poles 😂

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Yes, very sadly, yes 😭😂

These are just stunning! Excellent work! 😍

Thank you!

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Nice shots! This is one thing I LOVE about this sim. The amounts of cool shots you can take are just endless when you can have any backdrop of the world behind.

Thanks! Yes there are some great locations for flying!

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Wow. I’m speechless of that second one, holy moly! Amazing!

Thanks! Idk why I think the 1st one is better lol
Just the lighting seems to be better than the 2nd picture

I understand, the only reason I like the second one is because of the angle, and the sun on the left side of the mountain

Yeah it’s cool. Just that the plane could be brighter but that cut down on the mountain staying red/pink. Editing 🙄

The noon departure got me confused, but a very long flight to Seattle as it seems ;)

Great pictures anyhow!

I couldn’t decide! They’re both amazing!