Air Canada 747-400


Credits: Air Canada Historic Fleet Website

AIR CANADA 747-400

Why I want this Livery

I would like this aircraft as it would expand the historic Air Canada fleet on Infinite Flight, and make Air Canada’s fleet in total grow.

When was this taken out of service?

This Aircraft was taken out of service in Late 2003.

What’s so special?

This livery is one of Canada’s favorite airline, on the Queen of the skies. Knowing it’s not in the game yet made me wonder why nobody else requested it.

Air Canada Historic Fleet Website:

It might be a good idea. Although all the 747-400s operated by Air Canada were retired in 2003, it’s a good idea to add Air Canada to the 747-400. We don’t have a lot of free planes with Air Canada livery.


I actually agree with @AlphaSeven. I would rather that they would add a different livery t ok the B744, as we have the exact same on the - 200.


ME being a Canadian, I REALLY want this livery! I’ll try to free up a vote :)

Edit: Voted!

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Thanks for voting!

A 747-400 retiring in 2003 is really early to me.How long did they have them?
Nice livery though.

They entered service in 1990, and got replaced by the A340

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I don’t know if that was a good choice 🤣🤣🤣🤣