Air Canada 737 MAX 8

The Air Canada 737 MAX is due to join the fleet in 2017. They will replace the A320 fleet just as the 737 MAX 9 will replace the remaining A321s.


Sorry I couldn’t find a picture to for it in the new livery for 2017

For more info on the 737 MAX look here:

For more info on Air Canada look here:

This livery looks better than the new one on the MAX


I hate to tell you, but this livery never getting on the MAX.

Here’s a photo of their new livery on the 73X


I know, I couldn’t find an image at the time of posting

I like it, and it’s a beautiful aircraft with beautiful livery colors

i really want the 737 max!

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Same. That should be our next aircraft to build. I love the 737 family and the 737MAX would make a great addition

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That looks pretty cool:-D

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I’m about to vote for this livery! But, as @tranquil_skyflyer said, the 737 will only get to be painted in the 2017 livery.

It’s my favourite plane so here you go! You have my vote!!

You’ve got my vote also! Great idea, love the airline, love both of the liveries!

This would be an absolute must if the 737max makes its way into the game! I’ll see if I can clear a vote up.

This really deserves a nudge. I really wait to see this!