Air Canada (2017) ERJ175

This aircraft has been in service for a few days already and is fresh and new. The registration is C-FRQN. It looks rather sharp like the CRJ-900.

Credit’s to Bruno:JetStreamPhotography.

If AC’s new livery didn’t have that hideous black paint around the cockpit windows I’d love it


Air Canada’s new livery is always a perfection imho ❤


What does that have to do with the subject of this thread…?

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Nothing, I am just saying… Okay I should delete that post.

I would love to see this! I voted!

If anything, it makes the livery look more sleek.


Oh, that is absolutely gorgeous and sleek. Sharp livery!

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That’s the best part about the whole livery!

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The planes with the new liveries look like they have masks on with the cool black paint on the cockpit windows.

Wow, they just keep coming!

i have one word AMAZING

I think the new livery looks the best on this. But it’s still ugly.

The only bad thing about this livery is the black paint around the windshield. Terrible livery because of it IMHO.


That’s not me, lol

It’s a wonderful livery, can’t wait to see it in the 787-9 and in the 77W!

I love this paint scheme, but only on regional jets like this.

Totally agreed with you! They basically ruined the livery by adding that, it would be a great livery without!

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I love it! This is an amazing aircraft, with an amazing livery! :)

love the black mark on the front window so much!!!

TBH I’m not a big fan of the new AC livery. I feel like it is trying to copy airbus with its blacked out cockpit windows 😂

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