Air Calin Airbus A330-200

Air Calin A330-200

Credit goes to Keitaro Narushima. Photo available here.

History and Background Information 

Air Calin is a French airline operating out of New Caledonia, a large island off Australia’s northeast coast. Founded in 1983, it has a fleet of 6 aircraft with a further 4 on order.

The airline flies to 11 destinations including Tokyo, Auckland, Nadi, and Osaka. The current A332s in the fleet are around 15 years old, with 2/4 orders for the NEO version of the aircraft.

The livery for Air Calin is striking, with the interior matching the colour scheme. The red is for the land of New Caledonia, and the blue represents the sea which surrounds it. I would love to see this livery added with a future rework as it opens up New Caledonia as a destination and hub for pilots. Also, it’s just awesome.

psss…Misha, might wanna vote on it. ;)

EDIT: Good Misha! Good, good Misha. :)


Amazing livery, let me clear a vote!

This livery looks amazing on the A332. Air Calin has such a beautiful livery. I’m clearing a vote too ;)

Amazing livery! Hope it comes if the A330 is reworked!

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Amazing livery, lemme clear a vote

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Voted would be good for pacific flights.

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Would love to have it with a reworked A330 ;)

I love the flower logo on the tail.

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I was going to make a request for the A320 a week ago, thanks for reminding me haha.

There is already one from 22 days ago, sorry

Oh ok, I’ll vote for both. The livery is super stunning and colorful!

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Beautiful aircraft! I love that livery

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Oh My God, Its beautiful!

Don’t you forgot it ;)

Bumping this because why not? This is a stunner of a livery

Well the A330 rework tread hit 600 votes today, so probably a good time to start voting on livery’s, becuais we will probably be seeing an A330 rework some time soon

I am not trying to speculate on what the devs are working on, just throwing out the increased possibility…

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Where is this request for the Air Calin A320? Because I can’t find it. I would like to vote for it.

Just stumbled upon this request while totally not stalking Misha’s profile. I think it’s very nice to see and proves why we need the A330-200!