Air Cal Boeing 737-200

Was looking at the previous Boeing 737-100 and Boeing 737-200 joint-request thread and was thinking of putting this there but that would violate the one request per topic rule. Thus, here’s a fresh new topic.

Air Cal Boeing 737-200 in its original livery. The non-painful/tasteful yellow adds a great touch to aircraft and as someone whois quite fond of the black-nosed aircrafts, the merging of the white, yellow, and black is gorgeous! Love how the cockpit is all black and the nose has nice yellow accents added to it. Nothing this intricate and colorful would ever make it to a modern airline’s standard livery. Similar to one of my favorite liveries, Continental’s golden jet (But that’s for another topic)

Not my photo. Sure wish it was though…

If anyone knows any 1:200 models of this aircraft with that livery, please shoot me a PM.


Look that motors. Thats a sick plane. Also the livery.

Yeah they are odd looking engines to me

Dem turbojets with dem clamshell reversers. Also, I just took a picture of an American Airlines painted in air cal livery.

Lol, they’re so long

Pretty much they stuck the engines from the dc-9 and stuck it on Boeing’s new plane.


Nice livery but not the same one

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Oh, the good old days. 737-200 with the loud and very smokey JT8D’s.
I Remember them when I was kid. We use to fly from LAX to SFO.

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what a wonderful image!

soooooo 737 200…