Air Cal 737-800 (American Airlines Heritage Livery)

image(my photo) Another great heritage livery by American Airlines. This one will stand out in SoCal!


AirCal’s livery was sweet!!

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I really appreciate how American has special liveries from what merged into what is now American. My favorite is the US Airways livery, even though it’s almost been 6 months after their merge, it really looks nice.

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Yes please! I saw once this livery in Tocumen Airport! It’s beautiful!

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this will be added right?

Nothing has been confirmed in regards to this livery. If for some reason this livery isn’t added, you can recreate this livery request upon reaching TL2. Your TL (Trust Level) is currently a TL1.

In the future, please refrain from resurfacing topics that haven’t been touched in over a year mainly because the feature request quality has chanced. Thanks for the understanding.