Air Busan Airbus A320-200

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For an up-and-coming VA, I had taken a keen interest into Asian aviation yet again, this time for South Korea. I had found an airline that made me want to dig deeper. Air Busan is one of Asiana Airlines' subsidiaries along with Air Seoul and Asiana Cargo giving the parent airline more influence on its third hub at Busan. The airline operates a fleet of A320s and A321s to destinations all over Asiana from places like Guam to the remote city of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. The airline features a fairly simple yet beautiful livery that looks recognizable and memorable.


HL-8066's Operating History

The aircraft was first delivered in May of 2005 to America West Airlines
As part of the America West-US Airways merger, the aircraft transferred to US Airways.
In 2016, after merging with American Airlines, the aircraft was finally transferred to Air Busan in June.

About Air Busan:

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