Air Burkina Embraer 175

Hello IFC!

Still looking forward to be able to do more flights in Africa and explore West Africa I wanted to introduce you Air Burkina.

Which exist since 1967 and is the national airline of Burkina Faso republic. And with the rework of the E-jets it’s a perfect deal.

Here’s are the routes that you will be able to do from Ouagadougou [DFFD].

DFFD-GOBD (Ouagadougou-Dakar and back)
DFFD-GABS-GOBD (Ouagadougou-Bamako-Dakar one stop at Bamako).
DFFD-DFOO (Ouagadougou-Bobo Dioulasso and back)
DFFD-DIAP (Ouagadougou-Abidjan)
DFFD-DGAA (Ouagadougou-Accra)
DFFD-DXXX (Ouagadougou-Lomé)

And more !