Air Bridge Cargo | SVO-NRT | Boeing 747-8F

Hey IFC!
Here comes my first topic or 21.1, let’s hope it’s good! In order to adjust to the new update and it’s features, I go to uncrowded areas (like Russia) and do my first couple flights there before going back to the more popular airports.

On a side note, I have been waiting for a 747 to have wing flex since the day I bought IF. It’s just so beautiful! I’m sure you all can agree. So laties and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce a friend of mine. BEHOLD!!!

Her first takeoff into the new world, full of enless possiblity and seemingly endless clouds on every horizon

Welcome to the skies, Mademoiselle!

Time to deliver some big cargo.

I bet there is somebody in Tokyo waiting for the stuff that’s the belly of this beast

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union (modern day Russia) had super strict airspace restrictions, which forced civilian aircraft flying from Europe to Asia to instead fly north and stop over in Anchorage! Anchorage used to be a much busier airport then it is now. More about that here.

Fresh Sunrise

Descending through the clouds

Final 34L

Buttery landing in Narita!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


This was a really good topic. I’m also going to do more cargo flights; the 747-8 is too beautiful not too. Great pictures my man.


Beautiful pictures with the new gear tilt and wing flex on the B747s 😍


Dude amazing pictures!


Since the 21.1 beta I fly a lot in the 747-8 😍😍


Awesome screenshots! Really like the second one!!

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