Air brake

I kinda looked but didn’t see anything for air brake like to help slow down on approach or while desending please let me know if that would be possible

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To turn on airbrake, set the spoilers to “flight”.

@N881RA… Brad… Here’s a tip for you. Down load the following fee App from the Apple App Store…“The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge”. It has most of the tech knowledge you’ll need in your IF Quest. In PDF form the pub s also available at Good luck in your Quest for knowledge it only takes desire. Max Sends

If you give yourself plenty of time for the decent flaps and throttle control are enough you need.

if you found out that the speed is too fast and it didnt really work if you already set the spoilers to flight. turn the flat to 30 or what ever but too the lowest and of course the plane nose will be up but you try your best to make it down. the speed will be slowing down. . just make sure don’t let the VS between -0 to -3500