Air Berlin set to suspend operations on 28th October

The date for Air Berlin’s cease of all operations has finally been announced as the 28th of October. As you may know, long-haul services will cease on the 15th of October. However, despite this news, subsidiaries Niki and LG Walter will continue to operate.

Lufthansa and easyJet are both in talks with the airline to negotiate deals for certain branches of the company. These talks will run until Thursday this week.

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rather annoyingly, the thumbnail has chosen to be an easyJet aircraft, as that picture is included as part of the report


Maybe perhaps put more substance into the post? Just putting a link to the article doesn’t tell me much, what are your opinions on this? The more substance the better the topic, just saying.
Also Duplicate post Air Berlin Long-Haul Services to Cease following Bankruptcy


titanic theme sad flute edition


I wonder who Captain Joe will fly for.


Probably Lufthansa or GermanWings…

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I was thinking the exact same thing lol

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He probably had it all worked out.


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I meant to close the other Air Berlin topic to keep all remaining Air Berling discussions here ;)


Waaaaaaah. As if the loss of Monarch wasn’t sad enough, now Air Berlin is going away. What’s next, Scandinavian Airlines?! 😢😭


I am booked on a flight on air Berlin next year


Oh dear. That’s no good. 😣

I have a couple of images from when I took their AUH-TXL service last year. Wasn’t able to get an image of registration, and I think a few quality interior images.

EDIT: less pics than I thought because I was tired after 14hr flight from SYD. I got a pic of the tail and one of the cabin, and one of the inflight magazine and a bit of the safety card.

I have another two pics from inside TXL check-in and the large map on the wall though showing airberlin destinations.

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Eurowings already opened 1,000 pilot positions, but received over 3,000 applications…hopefully he will be a succesful candidate

Well there was talk that Kenya Airways might go, as they are under mounting losses. The Indian Government is also trying to secure privatisation deals for Air India so that they can continue to operate under serious losses.

Jeez this year is pretty bad for major airlines staying in business. Three European carriers and now this?

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It’s so sad to see another airline will cease their operations this year. And unfortunately it will happen a day before my birthday :(

At least despite many airlines ceased their operations, we have also seen many new and interesting carriers this year 😊


I feel bad for all of there employees

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Wow! Tough year for European carriers, we’ve lost two😢

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