Air Berlin Farewell Flight @ EDDM - 300200ZOCT17

Server: Expert

Airport: EDDM to EDDT

Time: 0200Z

NOTAM: *Air Berlin Farewell Flight
Hosted by the IFAE Team

In memory of Air Berlin, we will be replicating its final flight from Munich to Berlin. This will be a short one hour flight on the expert server with rules strongly enforced. Join us for one final flight on Air Berlin

Time:7PST | 10EST | 0200Z
Server: Expert Server
Airports: EDDM to EDDT
Aircraft: Air Berlin A319
Altitude/Speed: FL250 / 285Knots
Spacing: Please maintain 10nm separation
Fuel: Plan for 1hr w/ 45m reserve

Flight plan will be up 5 minutes before pushback.*

Please comment below if you plan on attending. Looking forward to seeing as many pilots as possible in the air for this flight.


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