Air Berlin A330-200

Got them from LTU😉

It is, for sure ;)

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Didn’t know Air Berlin operated these. I like it!

Looks great livery,

What a beauty… 😍

Already over 50 likes🤔

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Very good painting on that A332.
I hope IF remake all A330s and I can fly again on that great plane :D

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this livery makes this type of plane look so freaking good…

Yeah the air Berlin livery on the a330 looks nice.

Too bad almost nobody voted for an A330 rework

This livery had over 50 likes, I hope it’ll get the same amount of votes! The air berlin livery looks gorgeous on the A330.

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Because of the new guidelines, please provide a link to the source of the picture. Thanks.

Yep, definitely need the 200 model as well. If we could see the gear tilt of the A332 on landing, it would be magnificent

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I like this livery so much!