Air Berlin 737-800 old livery.

This livery IMO is more eye catching. We don´t have a livery with a rust-like colour.


My eyes… They’re melting…

I’m sorry but. Please, just no.

I wouldn’t be upset if the plane is added, but for the record, the current livery is far better


Just like the snow. That livery is beautiful!

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I prefere the old KLM 737

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I have to side with boeing707 here. The new livery looks a lot better than the old one.

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My suggestion are fix all 737 airplane with old logo liveries,
737 MAX and B737 S next generation added all airplane with newest logo etc.

Maybe some old liveries should be added to the 737 and 738.

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ah ok, good :-)

@Joost3008 check this :) [quote=“Sturmovik, post:1, topic:26722”]
I think retro liveries (not counting the 737-800) are a thing that IF lacks, so how about adding KLM’s retro livery for the B738?

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idk looks cool but not sure anyone would love it

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i love every airberlin livery and i need this

also why did you bump a 5 YEAR OLD TOPIC?

Dont really know feel like someon would have a opinion on this one

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i voted for it btw