Air Belgium Boeing | 757-23A

Hello there and welcome to another feature request!

Today I am requesting a livery from an airline that most people probably have never heard about until now.

As you can probably tell by the title, I am talking about Air Belgium’s 757-200!

Photo credit: OO-ILI | Boeing 757-23A | Air Belgium | Javier Rodriguez | JetPhotos (and on the picture itself)

Airline Information:

  • Air Belgium was a leisure airline that commenced operations in May of 1979 and operated up until October 2000 when it was absorbed into Airtours International and later Sobelair which ceased operations in January 2004.
  • They had a fairly diverse fleet of 737-200’s, -300’s, -400’s and a single 757-200. They also leased two A320’s and had a 707 at one point that was operated for them by Abelag Airways.
  • Their hub was Brussels Airport (BRU/EBBR).

For a little bit more information, here’s the extremely small Wikipedia page:

Air Belgium (1979–2000) - Wikipedia

Aircraft Information:

  • The Boeing 757 is a narrow-body medium/long-haul airliner produced from 1981 until 2004 which had it’s first flight in 1982 and first entered into service with Eastern Airlines in 1983.
  • The 757-200 had a maximum capacity of 239 passengers with a Maximum TakeOff Weight (MTOW) of up to 255.000lbs or 116.000kg.

For more information, here is the Wikipedia page for the Boeing 757:

Now why would I like this livery in the game? It’s pretty straight forward. Infinite Flight has a very small amount of Belgian airline liveries. Only Brussels Airlines on the A319 and TNT on the 777F. I think this could add some nice diversity to the soon-to-be 757 filled skies and I would love to take this out to scenic destinations out of Brussels. Do you agree?

What do you think of this livery?

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If you think I missed anything or if I could add anything more, please do let me know! I’m fairly new to this whole feature request thing so please bear with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request! If you think this livery would look good in the game then go ahead and drop a vote! See you in the next one ;) .

Air Belgium also had a second iteration of this livery where they made the “AB” on the tail yellow and where it was slightly faded near the top.

I actually have no idea if the faded effect is intentional or if it just happened over time.


Fun fact, this exact aircraft, OO-ILI, is still flying to this day. It was converted into a freighter in October 2011 and is flying for FedEx under the registration N939FD. This is the 12th airline this aircraft is flying for.


i love liveries like this! definitely needed

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Same here! You can never go wrong with a bit of retro sprinkled into the livery selection. It’d be great to have another Belgian airline livery since we only have 2 right now I believe.

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we need way more retro in IF imo


Very true.

@ClassicAirlinerLover (very sorry for the tag I’m just honestly curious) Do you approve of this livery?


I love the “retro” liveries and I love Belgium, I vote for this livery, which I hope will give a boost to Belgium which is put aside facing the triangle (EGLL / EHAM / LFPG) can’t wait to see this plane in Brussels EBBR!

@Baba Still your vote bro


For sure, I voted bro 😍


I’ve voted for this ! 🇧🇪


Thank you all so much for the support! Let’s hope we can have another Belgian airline added into the simulator to fill the European skies!

Of course. As long as it’s not a stupid and boring euro-white livery (like the new SAS, Aer Lingus, and Iberia) and a retro, then I approve 😛👍


Good to know it has your seal of approval :) .


It would indeed be nice to have another Belgian livery added into the simulator!


Here’s another shot of this beautiful bird with the truck tilt we’re all waiting for

Let’s hope that if this livery doesn’t come with the release (since all liveries were already decided before we got the announcement of the rework), it will at least get added at a later date.


From Brussels with a livery that “represents” Belgium, whose name would make me very happy. Especially my lit bro @Baba 🇧🇪


It’d make me very happy as well, flying out of Brussels to all sorts of holiday destinations and more!


Yes, I think that since Brussels (EBBR) it would be nice to make all these flights

Route 🇧🇪

I think it goes to LEPA, LFPO, LPFR, GCTS aswell


Yep it also flew there, one more I can think of is EBBR - SBRF.

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