Air Belgium adds service to the US, but with British Airways

Air Belgium is a very small airline with one seasonal destination to Hong Kong according to Wikipedia, but now they’re flying to the US! Just not as Air Belgium. They have struggled some what to find success internally, but have found good success went leasing there 4 A340-300s. Actually they haven’t really struggled to find success, they just haven’t. They launched one flight from Belgium’s second airport to Hong Kong, and struggled to stay afloat despite plans to move to the US. But now they seem to have a pretty good thing going with leasing there aircraft. The latest costumer British Airways, like many of the airlines who have leased is having trouble with it’s Trent 1000 situation, and will be using it for London to Newark flights. This will mean some downgrades for longtime British Airways fliers since it has no true First Class, and lower tier services all around, but British is promised “A range of options.”


Yeah BA have been using these aircraft for a while now. Even when booking online it shows up as Air Belgium so it’s fully integrated into BA operations.

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