Air Belgium A340-300

Air Belgium A340

Credit: OO-ABB | Airbus A340-313E | Air Belgium | Andrea Pinto | JetPhotos

About the Aircraft

This aircraft is registered to Air Belgium as OO-ABB. OO-ABB was previously owned and operated by Finnair for their long haul fleet. This aircraft seats 303 seats, which includes 18 bussiness class, 21 Premium Economy seats and 264 Economy seats respectively.

About the Airline

Air Belgium was founded in 2016 to offer luxury air travel to Belgium. The first scheduled flight was in late 2017, but since they did not receive their Air Operators Certificate or A.O.C. that flight was post poned. This is a different airline then the leisure airline that ran from 1979 to 2000. Currently this airline plans to only serve Hong Kong with later plans to expand into other cities in Asia like Shanghai. One day they may expand into the U.S.

Why do I want this?

This livery is one gorgeous livery in my opinion. Along with the A340 rework, this can add even more routes to our already diverse route possibilities.

Do you like this?

If you like this, then click the blue “vote” button on the top left. If you don’t see vote you may see “limit” which means you’ve used all your votes. If you see that please consider moving a vote here so we can see this one day around the IF skies!

A340 rework here:

Now this is a feature request!
U got my vote

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Along with a rework? That would be cool. It a nice livery


Wow, I live in Netherlands and I didn’t even know there was such an airline as Air Belgium. I just checked their website and they appear to only exist since March 2018.

Nice livery request - yes, with the rework please! 😉


I have bookmarked this livery, as I really would love to see it come to Infinite Flight, but I will only vote for this if a rework of the a340 is confirmed with the addition of the -300. In my opinion voting for it now would be a waste, and I don’t see the rework of the a340 coming soon.


Let’s hope this gets added when the A340 gets a rework.


Wow! I is so beautiful, that it even looks like a livery for a royal family!😍


Yes, I would love to see this featured in IF.
However, as we still have no a340-300 I’m unsure if I want to remove a vote to vote for this
to be featured in infinite flight.

But as I said, it would be amazing to see this in Infinite flight.

A340-300 where are you?


I LOVE IT, i live in Belgium so i want more Belgian airline liveries in IF, they only have 1 Brussels Airlines livery! So yes this is amazing, i wish i could vote but im out of votes 😢

Only 1 vote? Now I’m sad that I’m out of votes 😢😢😢😢this is such a great airline, I would love to see it appear in IF

She has eye shadows.


So does an Air Canada A321 which I personally like that black around the cockpit windows, it’s a nice detail

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I kind of like this A340 better than the one we have currently since this one only has 2 middle wheels indstead of 4 like the one we have.

Bumping this topic since they cancelled the Hong Kong route and added 2 new ones, did get a new paintjob/special livery now also so.

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Very cool looking livery ! :)

Nice livery

Great idea. I live in Belgium and it’s exciting to hear the plans that this small but growing airline has

Off topic but, why is this thread closed?

What thread?

The A340 rework thread you mentioned above