Air Base Race @ KEDW - 241500ZDEC16

Server: Casual Server

Region: Southern California

Airport: KEDW-Edwards Air Force Base

Time: 1500Z

Date: 24th December 2016

Aircraft: ANA Q400

NOTAM: You should try to get yourself from KEDW to KNXP as fast as you can. Any person flying over the overspeed limit or not under the conditions of the event will bot be counted. I will myself be at KNXP recording the top 3. Make sure your name is your IFC name.

Can I be the other landing revisior? Please

No. Sorry 😐

I am a bit confused, can u explain how the vent is going to work in more detail. It’s named Air base race but I don’t see anything about a race…

You have to get from KEDW to KNXP as fast as you can

Yeah that should be in the main post some people dont get confused

I edited it.

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What do you mean flying over the overspeed limit. How will you know?

Also its casual, who cares

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