Air Baltic reveals Tampere as their new base

Hello! Today, I bring to you news about Air Baltic.

Air Baltic has announced it’s first base outside of the Baltics. It will be Tampere-Pirkkala airport in Tampere, Finland. Tampere is the second biggest city in Finland.

Air Baltic will fly to Oslo, Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt, Malaga, and Rhodes in addition to Riga. According to Air Baltic, the tickets will be priced 49-155€ at the lowest.

The decision to make Tampere as a base is historic according to Martin Gauss, the CEO of Air Baltic. Tampere is also the first airport to be named as a base in Finland after Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Source: Tampere-Pirkkalasta tulee Air Balticin kotikenttä, kuusi uutta suoraa lentoa suosikkikohteisiin maailmalle – Yle seurasi suorana
Yle is the main Finnish news company. Sorry that the news is in Finnish!


Here’s an English source:

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It is incredible that they are flying to Rhodes!!! I will probably try that route one day with the A220.

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That is exactly what I was going to say


I’m extremely happy to see this! I have a bunch of family from Tampere so maybe AirBaltic will be the new way to fly there :)


It will! The best way will probably be via Lufthansas Munich hub. AirBaltic sighed a codeshare agreement for lots of their routes while Lufthansa gave them their long haul network from Munich. It will probably be easiest to fly this way, especially since MUC is in the initial bunch of routes


I so glad that these new routes are helpful! They will for sure be fun to fly in IF as well

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