Air Baltic Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400 YL-BAE.

This aircraft with the serial number 4289, with the test registration being C-FZGL and powered by 2xPratt & Whitney Canada PWC 150A, first flew in 2009, and was delivered to Air Baltic on May 2 2010 with the registration YL-BAE.



I’m sceptical for I like this or not. The green and white look nice together but at the same time it’s very clinical…

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Yet, a simple livery will make the aircraft stand out between the bigger, more colourful ones.

If they fly to ESSV I am hooked.

It doesn´t go there, I checked on their webpage.

Is it just the Baltic states or Fennoscandia too?

Why are you posting “Aircraft Biographies” too much? These facts can always be looked upon in various sites.
I’m annoyed at how you post every day.


I know that I post too much. I´ll try posting only one aircraft biography per day. And I do it because I like it.

2 ones today, I have been counting.

That´s why I´ll try to post only one per day.

And how could those operational histories annoy you? If they do, just don´t look at them.

In the Fennoscandia they fly to Helsinki, Turku, Stockholm, Aalesund, Oslo and maybe Bergen.

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What happened to the older aircrafts? Is it modern ones now?

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I think it’s mixed.

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They were getting boring to write down.

Looks cool but the the air baltic 737-800
File:Air Baltic Boeing 737-800; YL-BBY@ZRH;01.04.2013 698ba …