Air Baltic A220-300 (Revised/New Livery)

Air Baltic A220-300 Revised Livery Request


Hey folks, I think it's about time I made another request relating to Air Baltic, haha. Anyway I'll just cut to the chase and say that this livery would be a brilliant addition to the game. Air Baltic is one of the largest operators of the A220 family, on top of being the launch customer of the -300 variant, owning over 30, making up their entire modern-day fleet. In the past, they have operated 737 Classics, Q400s, 757s and way more. The A220's versatility has made the airline grow unimaginably fast, even during the uncertain and catastrophic times of COVID, where it was little to no concern.

The new livery for this airline was unveiled on their 21st A220, which also happened to be the 100th delivery of an A220 to any customer. YL-AAU, the specific aircraft delivered and also on the picture above, also has a small sticker beneath the title on the port side. Since then, Air Baltic has been spreading the livery around the fleet, including on the ones delivered before, and has become the main livery for the airline. Guess it’s out with the old, in the new and greener tailplane!

Voted, as I prefer this livery over the older one unlike you… Let’s see who wins!.. Maybe both or neither of us will 👀

Ps. Winner gets bragging rights


I like both equally, Ethan!

I think we can only say if it’s a win when we see whether the Baltic flag liveries come out or not 👀

They stated on Twitter an explanation of why they did a new livery :

« The greener tails emphasize our commitment to becoming a more sustainable airline operating one of the greenest fleets and launching other sustainability initiatives in the near future. Think green - fly green! !💚 »


Well, why not, voted.

i really want to fly this one. got my support.


This image looks great

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i know right? so beautiful!

I wonder what made it so 👀

Nice livery! Voted

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Cheers for your support, let’s get this in!


I would vote for this because Tsumian cat, but sadly, I cannot waste votes on this topic.

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Wow i love this, i bet it gets added its one of the main A220 operators and it is absolutley beautiful, EVRA-OMDB is certainly a route i will do!

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We need this! The new livery is cleaner than the older version. Full support here!

Looks way better then the old livery!


Agreed! We need this so badly! :D

No wastage here, bud 😛


For real, A220 is literally confirmed unlike other topics, it’s more logic to vote for threads related to A220 currently. As if unvoting a thread with more than 700 votes would change something , you love it then vote no , literally our last and unique chance now.

It’s not a waste at all to support a topic that you like AND that is current, supporting something that isn’t, is the real waste. So let’s not state that voting for Air Baltic A220 is a waste 🤷🏽‍♂️

Imagine if they add the other Air Baltic livery , 😭

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Got my vote! (As my profile picture suggested lol)

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Here’s a beautiful pic shot by @LordZakCreaser this summer

Btw nice, this thread is 2 votes from the other Air Baltic one. Let’s hope it gets more because it’s looks way better than the old one 🤷🏽‍♂️

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If this is the new livery, what’s the old one? Genuinely asking