Air Austral Virtual Recruitment Event @ WSSS - 111200ZOCT17 [closed]

Server: *Training server

Region: Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS->WMKK

Time: Wednesday,october 11th//// 1200Zulu

NOTAM: Welcome to the first Air Austral VA recruitment event
We will start from WSSS to WMKK
All aircraft with the livery Air Austral accept
Cruise Alt:fl300 VS2500
Cruise Speed 280kts
Speed up :230kts
For join the event contact me

T1 Gate C15 @Harun_Koyuncu
T1 Gate C16
T1 Gate C17
T1 Gate C18
T1 Gate C19
T1 Gate C20
T1 Gate C22
T1 Gate C23
T1 Gate C24
T1 Gate C25
T1 Gate C26





I’ve corrected the title for you, in future, it may be advisable to follow these guidelines -


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Thanks and sorry sir

We need more info, we can’t just wing it! What’s the cruising speed, what’s the cruise altitude?

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Hey ,
Can i have a Gate please ?

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Usually most people realease that the day or two days before the event😉


I would like to try. Johnny Bravo for Air Austral B787-8 Callsign: ABCD Super.

Can I work the ATC tower and is this event 8am or 8pm

I would like to work WMKK ground and tower

Gate for me please…call signal reunion380super…thank you!!

Please can I have a gate reserved for me?

I don’t now if you need my call sign but here it is, Call sign is N314WQ

Sorry, I just realised I can’t attend as I am doing other things.

Can i come atc? I want know what airport i come?

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