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Dear pilots Air Austral recruits Staff to become HR Manager , Chief Pilot or Events manager for any information contact me

Air Austral is a Renionnaise Company make in 1974 is the pride of the Reunionnaise cultures.
Air Austral is based on the island of Reunion at Roland Garros.
We have nothing to do with Air Austral but we are there to represent it
Why choose us ?We will bring you an unforgettable flight experience
Our Staff will direct you and help you 24 hours a day
We offer an evaluation every quarter
So that our pilots can restore their knowledge
Our rank system
Rank1: Boeing B737-800
Rank2: Boeing B787-8
Rank3: Boeing B777-200lr
Rank4: Boeing B777-300ER
Rank5: No Aircraft
Rank6: Airbus A380

System Rank

Rank1 to Rank 2 = 1h30
Rank2 to Rank 3 = 4h00
Rank3 to Rank 4 = 8h30
Rank4 to Rank5 = 12h45
Rank5 to Rank6 = 18h05


Our Routes
Our pilots are free to fly
When the global update is announced we will see our rows later

Our Website

Join us

Vous serez toujours au cœur de notre compagnie

You will always be at the heart of our company



The First pic of the 777 is now with PIA with new Registration AP-BMS

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I like it. Good luck!


Hello we recruit people to become pilot and to make part of staff Events manager HR manager and chief pilot

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Awesome looking VA! Good luck!


I do advise shortening the title. Quite long

Willing to give his VA a go! Hope it’s a very good VA, and represents Africa well.

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AIR AUSTRAL représents Réunion Island

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And Ruenion Island is in Africa…


Yes and is French Island

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