Air Austral VA


Welcome to Air Austral and Air Austral Regional!

We are a new Virtual Airline
We currently have 5 aircraft: Airbus A380-800 Boeing, 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300ER (generic), Boeing 737-800 (generic) and the beautiful Boeing 787-8 Dream)liner

Here at Air Austral we strive to make travelling easier and more affordable for more people throughout the world.
We currently have 39 routes, all the routes are on our website. which will be up soon

We don’t currently have a website but, the website is in production. If you want to join please PM me. People Grade 2 and over are allowed to join the Virtual Airline. It doesn’t matter how much xp you have as long as your a grade 2 pilot. Our routes will expand massively when Global Flight is released, we are already planning routes for you guys when Global comes out.

We also would like people to request new aircraft types we are planning to get some new aircraft but we are not sure what aircraft to get so if you could comment what aircraft you want in our Virtual airline but keep in mind that we cannot have all aircraft!

If you would like to join please PM me thanks


Just letting you know YSRI is a Royal Australian Air Force base.

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Yep I know that

sounds weird flying to the Australia Royal Air Force Base. but thats what we do at Air Austral, we allow the pilot to fly to AirForce bases!


Shouldn’t you have routes in the Paris region, as the airline is from there irl?

Do you except non-live pilots? I was grade 3 when I had live btw.

yes that is being added at the moment we are doing that it just hasn’t been posted it will be edited tomorrow though

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It would be better if you had live but we can still recruit people though so do your flights on solo perhaps and file it on the website when the website is finished

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Okay, cool. :)

LFPG is the main airport for the Air line


Do you have a website?

Good luck from United Virtual!

There’s your answer

sorry didn’t see that

thanks man

Air Austral VA, would you like to be partners, with Venture Airways, we are US Low-Cost Airline that I created. Thanks and good luck to your airline

ok sure i will make an appilication form for this

Thanks you very much I will add it to the partners list on my website if we agree.

The question is, does the Air Force allow the pilot to fly to AirForce bases.

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yep at Air Austral thats what we do allow the pilot to fly to air force bases