Air Austral VA Community.

Hello to all I come you announce that AirAustralVACommunity takes new area!
With our new website we have created new rules that I hope will suit you.
By adding its new rules I have opened some important positions that will be below:
-Help with recruitment
-Progress Officer
-Commanding officer pilot. (Chief pilot)
-Deputy president
Here the website you can check it out or join us!

All information will be present on the website!
Thank you all good flight.

thank for @QF_Pilot5

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So are you starting it again? Please someone tell us what’s going on with this VA.


Not exactly, we improved this that was inactive;)

So it’s now active? Are you ready to be graded?


not for the moment give us 24 hours :)

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We will send you a private message when we are ready

Good luck with your VA :)

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thank you do you want a job here :) ?

ANNOUCEMENT we are lokking for a deputy president !

I’m very confused

why you are confused ?

What exactly do you mean by this

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What I mean by taking a new area is that the go totally changes! The regulation website ect :)

Oh ok I get you, thanks for explaining

no problem :)

I am the owner of this VA, we have had lots of people helping us get this VA active again.

@Yanis_Chenna Is only helping me. He is not the CEO or COO.

I am the CEO and COO of my own VA


sorry you will not unless I give you permission!

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BrunoC already is a staff member

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sorry Ben_Schenk but we are not bein graded yet, please grade the original VA that I created not Yanis_Chenna’s copied VA

Thank You

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Ok, I thought it was shutting down. What’s happening here, is this an ownership dispute?

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