Air Austral looking for pilots and staff

Hi their,

As you may know Air Austral began back a week ago and we currently have 2 active pilots, we are looking for both pilots and staff members. Here is a list of staff positions you may take so hurry be the first you get your position!

COO: Taken @TheCuriousPilot
CEO: Taken Me
Photography/Videography: Taken @Zachary_Meir_Tish
Chief Executive of Flying: Taken @SirPilotOfAviation
Pilot Instructor: Taken @Lars_Thorein
Event manager: Open
Chief Operations Executive: Open
Long-Hual manager: Open
Short-Hual manager: Taken @Plane6
Director of pilot training: Taken @Lars_Thorein
Social Media representative: Taken @Aircraft19
Air Austral Admin: Taken @Giacomo_Lawrance

most spots are open so grab them quick or they will be taken!


I’m happy to help. :)

Add me as social media Representative, I can organise Slack and an Instagram account? Otherwise, Pilot Training, I’m Grade 4 and have over 200 hours of flight time

ok then i will do it now

wow nice, i have added you to social media representative

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well which ever your choice

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I’ll sort you an Instagram account but I am on hand if you need any pilot training. Thanks for having me onboard :)

ok can you add a slack account aswell that would be great even though we have a blog on our website

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Yep I’ll sort that now

ok thanks please PM the account details when done

Can I be chief executive of flying? To be people considering to join: JOIN!

I’m one of their pilots

I don’t mind, maybe a Slack admin? I’m very good at using it. 🙂

so Air Austral Admin sure !

So can I be chief executive of flying?

@SirPilotOfAviation yes look at the thread you have already been put down at it

I never said I would be the CEO.

oh i thought you said ok will change it

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thought that you said you would be it ok will change it CEO is now open

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Right now I’m in like 10000 VAs, it’s hard to manage! I might reconsider!

oh ok then well someone else can be CEO then