Air Austral Boeing 777-300ER (waterfall livery)


this airline has good taste

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This is an amazing livery would love to see it in the game.

We need this before the update releases! Please devs!

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This is a must!

Hope they’ll add this to the reworked 777 aswell, since I don’t like the old one that much…


Bumping this up, because we all know what is coming in the near future… 👀

I love how modern yet simplistic the design is. I voted.

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I’m honestly more a fan of the Volcano Livery, but this one still looks really clean. Hope to see it in 20.2!


Ooh, is there a feature request for that? I still have one more vote, and I want to make it count.

EDIT: I found it.

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At this point you could’ve made a new topic lmao

I’ll be honest here. Air Austral has way too many Long Haul aircraft in the game. For god’s sake they even have the A380 lmao

I’d much rather have the 737 :^)

True, this livery looks awesome though.

They have two liveries in game (and one doesn’t even exist IRL). And I like their livery, so I feel like I can vote for this and the other topic.

If you would rather have the 737, then go vote for that. I am placing my votes where I want though.

which one is that?

The A380.

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completely forgot about that… who thought of making that livery on the A380?

I guess they had an order for it a while ago… The devs must have just added it anyway.

EDIT: It looks like they chartered one from HiFly for like a year, and then returned it. However, I don’t think it was ever painted.

didn’t they lease an a380?

anyway back on topic dm me if you wanna keep talking about it

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There’s one on the A380, the now-retired 777-200LR, and the 787.

I’m not telling you to vote anywhere, I’m just stating my opinion that I’d rather have aircraft that include opportunities to fly more, interesting and shorter routes.

I really want an Air Austral livery for the next uptade so you havr my vote !

You’ve got my vote 🗳 lovely 😊 livery

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