Air Austral A380 livery question

Did the livery always had these flowers on the tail? I don´t remember seeing them before the Dash 8 update.


Your’re right. Sisn’t it used to be an eye or something between the two A’s?

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No it has got them irl

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I thought it was plain blue. Though Air Austral never received the A380 IRL, so it has to be a concept art.

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I don’t think so, maybe it had something else.

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Funny… So why do we even have a concept art livery?

To show how would the livery look on the A380.

I guess it’s the only Concept Art Livery on Infinite Flight?

I think so.

No. Transaero never got an A380. Their A380 programs failed after we received them. Transaero never had a B748 either.

But the topic is about Air Austral, not Transaero. Though I get what you’re saying.

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I was replying to @NatIsrael972 's post


I know I’m just saying that was there design for the A380 🙂

Yes, I know that.

Same with Transaero… explains why we have the Transaero 748. I saw a forum on that Aeroflot might receive those 748s. Is this true?

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