Air Austral 787

Hey people :)
Today I had flew a nice short route from Réunion to Mauritius. It’s a 30 minute flight but the departure and approach are pretty nice.
And the Air Austral tail livery is also beautiful😄
Enjoy :)

Flight Information

Route: Réunion (FMEE)🇷🇪 - Mauritius (FIMP)🇲🇺
Aircraft: Air Austral 787-8
Flight Time: 34 minutes
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Its short, nice scenery, nice aircraft. All in all a pretty nice route, definitely recommended


Rotating from FMEE

Moonshot :)

Oh hey, there’s Mauritius

Gear Down

And here we are at the gate 😁

Thanks for viewing, hope y’all enjoyed😊


Aww! Finally the livery gets some love! Lovely pics!


Extrem cool pictures! I really like the second one!


Beautiful pictures, the islands are lovely. Would like to get to them some day in real life.

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Fantastic pictures right there. The livery pairs great with the moon background!

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Beautiful livery and definitely an exotic bird haha!

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I love that Livery, Amazing Screenshots

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Never thought it was that underrated🧐

@Jan_W, thanks. My personal favorite gotta be the first one.
That color mixing🤩

Thanks @ShaneAviation, if only COVID wasn’t there…

@Rock77 thanks mate😄

@Captain_Evan loving that tail😍

Thanks @Fives and welcome to the community😁

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