Air Austral 787-8

Dec 8 flight from PHOG to EGEW. Caught a FedEx MD-11 over the Pacific.


You land ok? EGEW has a pretty short runway for the 78

That’s a beautiful livery that I didn’t know existed.

Wow, you flew a 787 to Westray? Congrats

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I’m very, very concerned by the fact that you flew extremely close to that FedEx aircraft and landed at Westray, an airport that is most definitely inadequate for 787s.

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My exact thoughts

Traffic, traffic climb climb

Great photos!

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A very long flight on a very big aircraft to a very small airport, great shots!

Jokes on you A380’s into that (you know the rest, don’t you?)

Nice shots with the MD-11!

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my realism senses are tingling

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Great pictures, But isn’t it too close…?