Air Austral 737-800 (F-ONGA)

Air Austral is a French airline with its headquarters at Roland Garros Airport (FMEE) in Sainte-Marie, Réunion, France.The airline’s main base of flight operations is FMEE. It operates scheduled services from Réunion to metropolitan France, South Africa, Thailand, India and a number of destinations in the Indian Ocean. And now especially with the new scenery update, all off Africa and its islands in the Indian Ocean, have all got beautiful satellite imagery and now they can be discovered. However there aren’t any liveries from airlines based there! (Apart from very large planes)

So I am requesting (F-ONGA) Air Austral 737-800 to be added into IF, to allow us to discover the Southern Hemisphere of the world. Plus I think the livery looks sweat!


If you like it, please leave a comment and request it and maybe soon it could get added.

Does every different aircraft have its own individual livery? Like Frontier.

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Nice livery!
I would love to fly this to Mauritius

I think so, because if you look at the 787-8 livery, that uses a different scene on the tail. I believe their all from the islands that they operate out of. Very stunning! Doing a long haul there tomorrow actually.

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Thanks for the votes! If it gets added it would be a great plane to discover the Reunion Islands with!

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