Air Austral 737-800 F-ONGA (Mountain livery)

Hello, and welcome to my second feature post.
Today, I’m making a topic for the Air Austral 737-800 with the mountain livery on it.

About: Air Austral is a low cost carrier based in Roland Garros airport in the island of Réunion 940 km (580 miles) east of Madagascar. only 2 of these 737s exist in Air Austral’s fleet. I’m pretty sure after this livery gets created, traffic in the Indian Ocean will increase a lot. thats I can ensure (not really lol). Anyways, hope you like this one! Have a good day/night/noon!

All copyright goes to runmike974.

  • I’ve ran out of votes. Dammit
  • Don’t add it because it will be replaced with A220 anyways

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It’d be very cool to see this livery in the sim, imo. Personally, if this was added, I’d definitely fly some flights with it. Nice request!

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This would be great for hopping between the islands! Too bad I don’t have any votes left.

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