Air Astana Boeing 757-200

Air Astana

Air Astana is the National flag carrier of Kazakhstan and it is a 4 star airline and the best airline in Central Asia and India 8 years in a row.
In my opinion this livery must be added in the game as we don’t have a lot of central Asian airlines in the game.

What do you think about this livery?

  • Yes, It must be added in IF
  • NO, it’s bad livery

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this is a very random airline


Random? I would not call a flag carrier random! Yes, maybe it is not the most well known airline, but surely that’s a good thing? Feature request for less common (‘random’) Airlines bring more variety! I do not believe we have any Air Astana liveries in IF, so it would be a great addition!


Thank you!


Seen this at Heathrow before great livery.


One of the most important airlines in Central Asia. It has to be there to explore London.


I’ve seen it at Hong Kong as well.

I hope it does not fail because of the votes

Ghana international doesn’t even have a thread I don’t think. It’s just up to the devs.

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yeah thats right

Ghana International was a big thing because we don’t have that much liveryes from Africa

I don’t object to having the livery but having 1 aircraft and only operating for 5 years I can’t see how it was a big thing.

Is this aircraft still operating if so yes I wanted to be added since the Airline can be popular

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Can’t wait to do Flights to Hong Kong and London.


Random ngl cause Air Astana don’t operate that flight lmao

So nice to see a livery that did not get too much attention vote-wise confiremd, this certainly gives hope to other small yet bright feature requests:)

I’ve seen it in London and in Hong Kong so it has previously.

I believe he means Almaty-London and Almaty-Hong Kong 🧐🤷‍♂️


@W_LL is correct

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