Air Astana A321

Air Astana is the National flag carrier of Kazakhstan and it is a 4 star airline and the best airline in Central Asia and India 8 years in a row.
In my opinion this livery must be added in the game as we don’t have a lot of central Asian airlines in the game.

Duplicate I’m afraid.

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That one is very old and here you have more info about the airline

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@IFKSARUS I would message @moderators and have them close the topic @BennyBoy linked. It has not been active for aver a year and only has one vote. Your topic is also more detailed.

EDIT: Looks like you and me were already thinking the same thing!


The old topic is closed now please vote here

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Wish I had a spare vote…

I can actually get the chance of flying around Kazakhstan for once. All other options of doing so are a little long for my liking :^)

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Reasons why we need this:

  1. Engine of the A320s get a remodel -> new livery would be reasonable
  2. We literally have no airline from the countries in the middle of Asia besides Turkmenistan Air
  3. Air Astana is a striving airline from Kasachstan with a great product
  4. Besides bringing traffic to this part of the world, they operate lots of routes to Europe and Asia with their A321s (also with their NEOs)
  5. Just do it ;)…