Air Astana, A very underrated airline

When someone asks you what your favorite airline is, you may say an airline like Emirates, Qatar, British Airways, etc. While there are plenty of airlines out there, have you thought about the airlines not as many people have heard of the airline called Air Astana. It may not be as popular but it does an equal product to some of those popular airlines a lot of you guys like to fly such as Air France, British Airways.

Air Astana is the flag carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It operates scheduled, domestic and international services on 64 routes from its main hub, Almaty International Airport, and from its secondary hub, Astana International Airport. The Air Astana fleet consists of Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Airbus A320, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321, Airbus A321neo, Embraer 190 and Embraer E190-E2 aircraft.

Air Astana’s short haul flights are serviced just like European Trans Atlantic flights but better! Air Astana’s long haul flights are equal to Lufthansa’s flagship product but maybe even better!

Next time you’re traveling into or out of the Republic of Kazachan make sure to choose Air Astana to ensure you have a pleasant flight!


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