Air Asia Spacing

In the aircraft selection menu, the AirAsia A320 is spaced wrong as “Air Asia”. The correct spacing is “AirAsia”.


How to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight.
  2. Open the aircraft selection menu.
  3. Press “Airbus A320”.
  4. Scroll down to “Air Asia”.

Additional Info
iPhone 6
iOS 9.2
IF Version


What’s wrong then😄.

You might want to check this…

The correct spacing is “AirAsia”. I made a mistake, sorry!


That’s why they have priorities. They obviously don’t put spelling and spacing mistakes first on their list. I’m considering to stop posting these and focus more on the other real bugs. If people want to continue posting these, go ahead, I’m not stopping you.

No, he won’t. @nickchan

He has been doing very well to spot these discrepancies, and that is in his own time, to help the developers.

I don’t see you contributing to bugs category whatsoever, so let’s not criticize the work of others.

And you yourself can’t complain about others not posting quality content. You’re hardly a Saint in that department either.

@Henrik_B I’d just ignore him :)


Maybe is it possible to make a large wiki? Could reduce # of topics and the annoyed people could mute/ignore the post


It’ll be worth it in the end. Now. If you don’t like the category, block it. I’ve already given you instructions in the other thread.

Mods have said that they want individual posts for each bug. Yes, I agree, there will be a lot of topics, but it’ll help them keep track of what’s fixed and what’s not. :)


If you guys really want to discuss bugs, do it in another topic. I’m reporting a bug here. :)


But Nick, if they focused entirely on bugs, which would please you then guess who would also be the first to complain at the lack of New Features-You!

The Developers will have priorities, and spelling mistakes, Mis-Capitalization e.t.c will probably be towards the bottom of the list, but at some point will be fixed.

And will, even if only marginally, improve the simulator.

They are just trying to get the balance right and you’ve just got to appreciate that-And they do take bugs seriously, it may just be that you paticuarly don’t see them all being dealt with.


My view on this is that this are spelling errors and not bugs, so I think this should go to the support section.

Of course they are bugs. Bugs are flaws or errors in the code. Spacing is an error in the code. Support is for issues with Infinite Flight. Such as if you’re having connection issue, Live issue, stuff like that.

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These issues are correctly placed in the bugs category.


Cameron to the rescue!


The lack of spacing is because the developers might have forgotten to make one, an spelling error.

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Exactly, so it is a bug. :)


You are doing it for the perfection of the game, keep finding them! Though I’ll still think that this are not bugs.

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Why does this not have a billion likes? This is an amazing idea, especially for features, so we can see them if we want to, not pointing out anyone. cough nickchan cough

its the same kind of what you call a “bug”

The Swiss International Airlines liveries

A330 : Swiss International Airlines
A319 : Swiss
A321 : Swiss