Air Asia Morning shot during touchdown in Singapore!

Landing in Singapore with the Air Asia A320! Let me know your feedback of what you think of this morning shot too :D

I also have a Page where I post IF pictures of mine and some videos too, if you want you could check it out here!

Amazing edit! Great work I have to say. On the other hand I hate to be the guy but unfortunately the new rules in the #screenshots-and-videos category prohibit any photoshopped images and features that are not yet in the simulator. Clouds have yet to be introduced to the public.

This would result in a lot of confusion oml.

Thus why this rule was introduced recently.

@infiniteflight_17 @CPT_HILD alright, I didn’t know this was a new rule. Sorry. Will take the post down now :)

All good! Nice effort in your shot though! Have a great one and keep it up! :)

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Just always make sure u meet the requirements of every post based on its category. It is a great pic tho.

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