Air Asia flight forced to return to Perth after loss of cabin pressure at 33,000ft

When did everyone become qualified to pass judgement on journalism? Is it just the journalism you don’t like you all need to criticize or is journalism in general bad? Maybe we should all just get our news from people with twitter feeds and people on forums that are totally qualified experts on whatever subject they claim expertise. There, problem solved. What a wonderful “reality”.

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What had caused this capostrapia

According to AFP, its 32,000 feet to 10,000 feet but your topic title is 33,000.
Which is right? AFP or your source? :-|

In Indonesia, this also becomes one of the headlines. Maybe the most controversial part is when some of the cabin crews could be seen crying and screaming. I think this might be an unprofessional act done by a cabin crew, but at the other side I think they must be worried about their families etc. Even though this scene might make the passengers even more uncomfortable actually

I’m not sure if they might over-exaggerated the news


Horrible job done by the flight attendants…
where was the #1 they are the purser they should have taken control,
Calm flight attendant = slightly Calmer passergers
Panicking Flight attendants = Panicking passengers = Cabin Hell @33,000ft


That’s so nerve racking. and bad turbulence scares me. Imagine if my aircraft had this issue…

@Bev7787 @Qantas737guy @SingaporeAirlines Ah, I just got confused by this.


What is the altitude drop per minute in a situation like this?

FlightTrader24 mate :)


Too many AirAsia incidents lately. And depressurization issues.

Heard this on the today show this morning, I liked the part about he guy having to propose mid air and the woman said yes! XD, what an amazing story! I would have known I would’ve been fine, this happened a few months ago and no injuries so the same with this flight, glad everyone made it out with no injury :D

what A330’s are air aisa sending to Perth the ones with mechanical issues lmao

dont expect to see air aisa making much off Perth anymore

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