Air Asia flight forced to return to Perth after loss of cabin pressure at 33,000ft

An Air Asia flight bound for Bali’s Denpasar airport has been forced to turn around 25 minutes into it’s scheduled 3hr 40min flight after a loss of cabin pressure on Sunday morning. Flight QZ535 from Australia’s westernmost capital city of Perth departed at 11:35 am local time operated by 10-year-old A320-200. While still ascending to the cruising altitude with 145 passengers after only 25 minutes of flight time onboard oxygen masks dropped and passengers where instructed to get into the brace position, one Perth woman recounted those moments “I actually picked up my phone and sent a text message to my family, just hoping that they would get it, we were all pretty much saying goodbye to each other. It was really upsetting”, another told of the crews panic “The panic was escalated because of the behavior of staff who were screaming, looked tearful and shocked”, the announcements were not made in English therefore quite a few of the passengers onboard didn’t know what was going on. The aircraft made an emergency descent to 10,000ft and landed in Perth safely with no reported injuries.

All passengers were offered other flights to their destinations however understandably a few were a little nervous to take up the offer. This incident after a June incident where flight D7237, also an Air Asia flight, the Perth to Kuala Lumper flight starting vibrating quite severely 90 minutes into the flight with the captain asking passengers to “all say a prayer”, the A330 aircraft and it’s 339 passengers landed safely in Perth. Air Asia will be attracting some harsh well-deserved criticism over the coming day’s. FlightTrader24 tells me that the aircraft involved is in Perth where the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is currently making an investigation

PK-AXE the aircraft involved in the incident at Perth Airport credit


Oh yeah i heard this on the news


Scary stuff, lucky all were safe…


Yeah I heard about this last night. Pretty scary stuff, so glad the pilots descended immediately. AirAsia has been having a few problems over Perth, haven’t they?

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I think it’s the bad ads ive been seeing on tv

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Don’t fly Air Asia out of Perth, simple.

By the way what is that news headline. ‘We were all pretty much saying goodbye.’ Sad how horrible the media is, over exaggerating everything. Only thing you need to say goodbye to is your eardrums


The image is of an A320 ;)

it was operated by an a320, air asia indonesia

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It was an AirAsia a320

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They no longer serves the route with A330-300 after Indonesia AirAsia X (XT) and Indonesia AirAsia (QZ) were merged as one airline to follow Indonesia’s aviation regulations. As Indonesia AirAsia is suffering financial loss lately after tough competition from local airlines, especially from Lion Air and as an aftermath of QZ8501’s loss.

Indonesia AirAsia X’s A330-300 has been returned to AirAsia X if I’m not wrong. Hence why some Indonesia AirAsia X routes are taken by Indonesia AirAsia and operated with the smaller A320-200. I hope this can clear the confusion.

Anyway, is it just me or there are so many emergencies happening lately around Australian soil? Just a few days ago an Etihad plane was forced to land in Adelaide after an alarm sounded on the cockpit

Not to mention another AirAsia X (Malaysia) incident near Perth and another Etihad incidents on Australia in recent months


was wondering what happened to XT

Heard about Etihad on the news, dunno why 'cause wasn’t paying attention

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They are now only serves some of Indonesia AirAsia routes. But they are still using Indonesia AirAsia’s planes. Such as XT250 that I took a year ago from Jakarta to Bangkok’s Don Mueang ;)

I was flying with PK-AXF at that time, which is owned by Indonesia AirAsia alongside PK-AXE. The aircraft involved on this incident

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I agree, “the airplane plummeted 20,000ft” is another example. More like “initiated an emergency decent so people could breathe.” 🤦‍♂️


Yeah there has been a lot, quite unusual. Cough Qantas ground crew not watching where they are pushing back a jet cough

Yet another example of the news exaggerating aviation incidents. The airplane “crashed” into the truck… then later on into the article it says “the wing collided with the truck at low speed.” 🤷🏻‍♂️


My Aunty was on that flight and her friend was interviewed, very very scary she said! She said all the flight attendants were saying words in every other language but English!

Thank God my Aunty is Safe now!

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The media is stupid the only thing there good at is addressing news in an over exaggerated way

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I feel like its their hobby to blow up all these issues out of proportions at this point 🙄

This occurrence is actually not far from the previous incident of Airasia flights. The part where cabin crew were quote “screaming” may also point out some citical lapses. Can’t tell for sure if its just journalism or reality.


I feel AirAsia crew could handle these issues more professionally. In the A330 incident the pilot was saying “hopefully we’ll land safely… make a prayer” to the passengers, while in this incident the cabin crew were shouting “Fasten your seatbelts” over the intercom while running up and down the aisle, which would stress a lot of passengers out. Otherwise they did a fantastic job getting everyone safely to the ground in both instances. I wish the media would stop blowing these incidents out of proportion and critising airlines like AirAsia so much for stuff that has been completely exaggerated.

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Wow. That’s scary. Thankfully everyone is ok.

Yeah, stupid media reporting what people on the plane said. Shame on them.

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